Why CastleKeep?

Guarding Wealth, Guiding Growth

INDEPENDENT: Best-of-Breed Managers at the Lowest Possible Overall Cost
Our investment approach is always client-driven; we do not sell products. We scour the investment universe to locate “Best of Breed” managers, and then negotiate with them, whenever possible, to lower costs and pass those savings on to you. Because higher fees can significantly impact investment returns, we also negotiate with financial institutions, custodians, mutual funds, hedge funds and trustees, among others, to lower the overall cost of your portfolio.

PERSONAL: Portfolios Tailored to Your Specific Objectives
At CastleKeep, everything is personal and we believe that our clients deserve nothing less. We spend a great deal of time helping our clients articulate and formulate their objectives and preferences and then spend even more time implementing their wishes and delivering results. Everything from the manner in which our clients prefer to communicate with us to choosing where they wish to house their assets, our solutions are individually and specifically tailored to each client. Our exceptional level of service and personal attention is what we believe separates us from our competitors.

GLOBAL: Worldwide Reach
We think globally. We have investment experience in developed as well as emerging markets and consider all asset classes available throughout the globe. If your asset allocation calls for non-U.S. exposure, we have the ability to trade securities in global markets and on non-US exchanges.

Unlike large financial institutions, we do not offer “model portfolios.” Whatever your investment style, we customize your portfolio accordingly, tailoring it to your specific financial objectives, needs and restrictions.


That’s why people who can go anywhere come to CastleKeep.

Guarding Wealth, Guiding Growth